Windows 7 - 11 - Official ISO Files

Only for use with a official license key! – Ugh, ugh…
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Windows 11 - Multi Language Options

Windows 10 - Multi Language Options

Windows 8.1 Embedded Industry Pro - English Only

Default / Standard - Linux Distro's:

These are the ones, you will probably need in class, if you need to use it in a educational setting(s).
Besides they are a great way to start expiriencing Linux for the first time!

Latest Ubuntu

Debian ( net install )

Nice To Have - Linux Distro's:

Exotic distro’s like Elementary OS make a whole new thing out of an old laptop.
PC Linux OS, is more focused for elderly people and can really be helpful!

Latest Ubuntu

Elementary OS

Not For Fun! - Linux Distro's:

I hope the above sentence speaks for itself, these distro’s below are for serious use cases!
You can do serious ( illegal ) stuff with almost all the tools, inside BOTH distro’s.

Parrot Security Edition